2020 So Far

Already June! Seems a good moment to take stock as well as tidy up a bunch of unfinished blog posts. Edited for brevity though. I am also using old Wise El cartoons as the many I have drawn are still to be inked and scanned or photographed. Apologies for that.

Covid 19 And Puzzling Lockdown    

Covid 19 and an increase in deaths of mostly the elderly, those with compromised immune systems, the obese and those with diabetes… but no sign of what I think ought to be classed as a highly contagious pandemic.

Almost from the start of lockdown there were  many out and about who played lip service to social distancing. No masks, no fear shown, but all taking advantage of the sunny weather and Govt paid furlough. PITA getting food delivered except from Waitrose and even Amazon had no supplies of items previously easy to come by.

I have been in close proximity with boiler engineers as it had a leak, now fixed and paid for by contents insurance. The engineer who did end up fixing it was on the neurotic side but did calm down once he’d managed to fix a somewhat complex issue. His paranoia didn’t stop him wanting to use the toilet on his way out or deciding he wanted to use the soap in the kitchen.

More charmingly, at the weekend, a young lad of 13 or 14, approached me on the WIllowhayne, arm outstretched, saying ‘Hi 5’. I would have loved to reciprocate but instead said ‘I can’t’.

We are now in some kind of no man’s land with the usual hysterics wanting fiercer measure despite only the vulnerable being affected – and they could and should continue. Those with them would have to be assessed individually. But, truth be told, I feel it’s all been massive overkill. I felt it at the beginning and feel it still.

Meanwhile the economy is more than likely going to tank without some miracles.

Transition & Resurgence Of Brexit Animosity

This month is the EU’s last chance (unless they twist their rules yet again) to extend the transition – for a further two years. And if they do, we would be sunk in every way. Would be madness and so far it sounds like Frost and Johnson are still on the right path.

However, federasts are out in force again, with Brexit division scabs being picked at just as there was some kind of healing.  At least CV19 has kept dissent relatively muted.

Animosity has been aimed at Dominic Cummings for a perceived breach of the rules. The Witchfinder General aka Piers Morgan has barely drawn breath since the start of the Covid crisis with Cummings his number one target.

Racism Protests No More Lockdown

But people, especially lawless Londoners (those most hit by CV19), have been dreadful at obeying the law.

Lockdown, unless there is a spike in two weeks, thanks to lawless Londoners – and a dead American criminal – has been declared a dead duck.

George Floyd, a black apparent career criminal, died following a widely-publicised (and horrific) incident of a white cop with his knee pressed against his neck. A truly terrible way to restrain a man and he subsequently died of a heart attack, I understand. He had also taken Fentanyl which also heightens effects.

The subsequent (and at the time of writing this blog) continuing) riots and global protests were seemingly organised and coordinated by white Antifa, but blacks have been widely filmed stealing and looting and generally reinforcing the wrong message.

My own view is that America probably is more racist than we Brits but that this is a police conditioned response issue.  And both the black and white peoples need to ask themselves why. Why is there a large percentage of blacks involved in violent crime? Black on black crime too is a serious issue.

Pointless rioting and looting in protest as it simply reinforces those negative associations with crime, rightly or wrongly.

Anyway, an American with a criminal past dies in a horrific way over 4,000 miles away and suddenly lockdown here more or less ends with massive protests in London.

The same people praising these BAME protests have barely regained their breath from criticising the Govt for not being more protective of BAMEs – who are apparently most at risk from CV19. But there is no helping the criminally stupid.

Increasing Confidence of Islam

Bazil, Mo and Khadi are new characters not yet inked and scanned. Their purpose is to highlight the massive changes happening to both country and culture.

As if demographic change was not bad enough, every day boat loads of Islamic illegals are aided by the Coast Guard and Border Force welcoming committee into entering the UK.


Mosques are springing up everywhere – even one planned for Piccadilly Circus – when there are already plenty. They are symbols of conquest and this will not end well. I do not know what, bar civil war, might derail the Islamification of the UK.

Our politicians of whatever hue do not seem to care one jot. What happens to them once they get into proper power? It’s as if they change overnight.

Organ Donation

Musing more than anything on this as it is now required to legally opt out. I will write another time on cellular memory – which is my reason for opting out of donating my organs.

Wonder what #BillGates with his #PopulationControl ideals thinks about #OrganDonation as technically more lives would be saved.

[Gates is also part of the CV19 issue as he is fronting The Vaccine – which apparently won’t be available properly for months. What price the economy or mental health, eh? These protests as well as Cummings’ Durham trip have had some benefit in opening eyes and minds to the ridiculousness of lockdown.]

There again, experimenting with foetuses* & harvested organs could theoretically(?) create a different kind of human. *The older the foetus the better, presumably.

Thing is, Mother Nature usually finds ways to slap down over-reaching humankind. Gives with one hand, takes with the other. Meaning be careful thinking experimentation is for the good of the species


And from the mundane to the spiritual.

A FB ‘friend’ almost always posts something negative and then pisses off. He prefers echo chamber threads with fellow federasts and the occasional Brexiter guinea pig. This time he posted: “You might be considered not to be very spiritual certainly”. (And not only is English is his first language but he’s a DPhil.)

Since the post was about an inaccurate hashtag (Blake) I guess he was being his usual virtue signalling snot self. But I wasn’t in the mood as it was past midnight and he can cull himself from my FBs for all I care as he adds nothing of value or life enhancement whatsoever, so I deleted the comment.

Naturally, I also gave it some thought. One minute or less… and then posted a new status.

“We are all spiritual beings. Even the most cloddish of beings is spiritual. There are some, misinformed imho, who seem to think being ‘spiritual’ is some kind of sanctified state. It isn’t. It is just an awareness of our spiritual reality. Which even mass murderers might sense.”

I should have added ‘even yogic flying failed politicians’.

Fame Fortune & Thinking Aloud

Well obviously I am not famous, nor do I have a fortune but this is about thinking aloud. It is also about being rejected for having strong views – and wanting to be understood much more than to be ‘popular’ or famous.

Indeed, if I ever do fleetingly feel a passing desire to be famous, it is usually a reaction to being misunderstood or rejected in some way. Perhaps a kind of ‘I’ll show them’, so just as well my bit of God knows better.

Unfulfilled Purpose

Still on a similar theme, it’s been a while since I thought about why I am still around on the Earth plane. Hanging on to life has never been any kind of motivator – just not too keen on going violently or from lingering painful illness.

For believers, our deal with God is having a purpose – and having that purpose fulfilled. Mine is, I believe, making people think – whether something is right or wrong or perceived as either, or from another person’s perspective. Or on matters mystical.  It doesn’t make me better or worse than anyone else. Just is how I think.

It would be good to know if I am still on the right path.

Melasma Moustaches and Other Melanin Issues

The dreaded melasma is still around. 2020 started with it looking better then it suddenly got worse  thanks to using stronger exfoliants. Then came a truly horrible thick black smudge on my upper lip due to severe allergic reactions in my nasal area. Again made worse by using less than gentle products.

I may have joked about a Hitler moustache turning into a Terry-Thomas one but it really was and is no laughing matter.

Avoiding people thanks to lockdown was an unexpected benefit. Still have to wear mineral makeup, though, by June 3 (today), cheekbones and upper lip have improved vastly just not at comfortable bare-face level. Yet. (Ever the optimist!)

Self-love becomes very challenging as all I see are these ugly blotches. Plus my bank balance suffers buying endless products I hope will be the ultimate cure. Combination of both invariably lead to mystical questioning all over again.

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