Groundhog Experiment – Spiritual Stasis

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It’s sunny right now (Monday 22/6) and I feel sunny inside too. But the truth is I find the world today divisive, puzzling and as if I am stuck inside some kind of Groundhog Experiment.

It is as if various different issues are being thrown at the masses: Brexit, illegal immigration, Covid 19, social distancing, no meeting of friends and relatives, anti-Trumpers, Islam, MSM giving up all pretence at neutrality, social media censoring individual thought, racial discord, Black Lives Matter controlled by white Marxists in the main, and so on.

For what purpose?

Globalist theories and a New World Order? End Times scenarios? Islamic takeover?

Even before lockdown, for me, there was some spiritual stasis – lack of motion outside of me to match what I felt was progressing inside. Lockdown has amplified all of that.

For decades, those on the left have berated those of us who are centrist, let alone those on the right. They constantly told us we are racists and bigots and lack compassion. What is absolutely obvious now is that the masses are finally waking up.

Over lockdown, and before that with Brexit, the innate nastiness of rather too many on the left has become all too obvious. Those on the right obeyed the rules ((except for some extreme examples) while those on the left appeared to do exactly as they pleased. Raves, protests, toppling of historical statuary – while the police either let them or ‘took the knee’. (Horrible expression, horrible action of subservience.)

We have a Tory Govt with a massive 80-seat majority yet it tiptoes around minority views. MPs held a minute’s silence for an American criminal! (I still cannot get my head around that!)

Illegals come in daily by the boatload, all aided by Border Force. We have been trapped in lockdown while they swan in, are given Covid tests and then housed in hard-to-come-by flats, given money and legal aid – all courtesy of taxpayers!

Then, to add insult to injury, some actually try to kill us – succeeding as well. But what do those in power say and do?

‘They are mentally ill’, we are told. These Islamic killers were on an ever-growing watch list of jihadis, but they are mentally ill, so back off then, is the unspoken threat to the rest of us.

As for the ‘pandemic’, I do not know anyone who has died. Many have had seriously nasty bouts of a new strain of flu – Wuhan flu. But they have almost all survived. So why have we all blindly (so far) accepted this.

I am not sure I trust what MSM has been telling us about who has died. Cross that out. I categorically do NOT trust MSM about even one death, let alone it reaping umpteen BAME souls. It’s as if MSM has been roped in to feed fear and panic and keep us all obedient and docile. But why?

Why would any government – and it’s not just ours in the UK – tank national economies for a virus that seems to kill immune-compromised people and some elderly in care homes. Worldwide deaths have amounted to just over half a million the last time I checked, and even then they are deaths reported ‘with’, not ‘of’ Covid 19. Not a lot, in the scheme of things.

If it really was such a terrifying illness, how come the police have regularly ignored lefty protests of one sort or another? Even when the law stipulated no groups of more than six people, thousands have been allowed to gather, travelling on public transport, going back to their families. Nothing, nothing at all, adds up.

Meanwhile, other minorities with loud voices are also doing their bit to overturn the norm.

TXs continue trying to mess with minds by again focusing on bigotry and lack of empathy for them while ganging up on actual women who want to retain their/our rights to be actual women.

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter pander to their aggression by suspending or even banning those who do not want our sexuality to be buried under their gripes and demands.

So what is this all about?

A financial reset? Enforced change to population demographics?

Bill Gates is supposed to be a fan of reduced population, but why allow illegals to just swan into Europe? Far too many seem intent on killing their kindly hosts in the name of Islam. Surely whoever the unseen Blofeld is, he or they cannot believe Islam is a malleable means of people control?

Why try to save lives? Why IVF?

It is possible that some malign beings (human or otherwise) might want to mate relatively healthier Africans with white women and then turn them into superbeings. Well it’s not as farfetched as all the other codswallop that’s been chucked at us over such a very long time.

Democracy is dying a death of a thousand cuts. The forces of law and order are failing us, pandering to rainbows and unicorns and the right melanin tint, kneeling on demand and being chased by feral young black men.

People are losing the will to work – if indeed their jobs will be around when Boris and co lift the lockdown.

We are threatened with a second wave, worse than this, so feeble minds will become further enfeebled. And why?

This is my Groundhog predicament. Tiny improvements without any of the real hope and love of Groundhog Day. This Groundhog existence is based around fear and divisiveness. Where Brexit failed to really divide us, where political left and right haven’t actually fallen out, try racial lines.

That too will fail.

The vast amount of people are ‘vexed’ but not aggressively angry. France and America appear to be the most angry generally. We have a few thousand thumping their chests and doing weekly war dances and statue defacing, but it’s like the angels of love and light are still holding us close.

Which is probably why I am still sunny inside. Just.

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