2020 Review– The Argh Post

Three days left of this year and not a miracle in sight. Yet.

It’s a terrible thing to keep fighting in my head but, with no miracles being revealed, I do think an asteroid could be a good cleansing mechanism.

Not only are all of the same divisions still around, but barely noticed others are ramping up the ante. So clearly this year will not end with any healing and 2021 will not be any kind of hark the herald angels’ stuff of light and love either.

These are just some of the issues that will exacerbate divisions for a long time to come – hence the not so hidden desire for a cleansing asteroid:

-The post-Brexit Trade Treaty (and an international treaty so we are stuck with it!) looks like it could be riddled with traps to drag us back in to the ghastly Project. Haven’t got round to trying to read it as yet and the ERG are due to pronounce on it later this afternoon. Either way, it will be hanging over our heads for a long while to come

-Covid – which I do not think is a hoax, but *do* think is horribly exaggerated – continues to divide even more emotionally than Brexit. Vaccine passports – and these vaccines have to keep being taken and have already had adverse affects for some – mask fascists and so on

-Trump looks no nearer securing his second term while both Republicans and Democrats are ignoring the very obvious fraud, despite it being on an astonishing scale. I gather something is happening on the 6th January but since legal routes have failed, I am not sure what else they could do to make the scales fall from all eyes

-The Great Reset – which the same anti-Brexit, anti-Trump, pro-lockdown types think is a conspiracy theory.  And despite the Pope, Princes Charles and William, Biden, umpteen slebs and even more politicians confirming it with their UN/WEF mantras and slogans. I haven’t the faintest idea how they can enforce it – apart from starting with universal basic income which the Covid Wars are making easy to enable. They for sure are not taking my home – though they are welcome to my credit card debts

-China is being given a free pass while again the admittedly not so innocent Russia is blamed for everything

-Blacks of the Marxist or over-sensitive kind re-writing history, demanding endlessly and proving that until they can rise above the past, they will never be equal in their own eyes let alone anyone else’s

-Islamic immigration – an ARGH all on its own

-MSM and almost every journalist of erstwhile repute being nothing more than propaganda merchants

-SNP Scotland – dear Lord, when will they ever swallow the logic pill?

-Social Media – Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are especially pouncing on those who sing from alternative song books. I have already offloaded my YouTube channel but will probably stick with Facebook because of family and IRL friends. Losing Twitter wouldn’t be too much of a sweat the way things are going. I am bored rigid with big egos and their follower boasts. To say nothing of those who announce their departures only to return within a few mere weeks. Most have seriously repetitive (ie dull) or vulgar tweets, pandering to the lowest common denominator. Some days it leaves a filthy film over one’s EMFs. Why do they beg for followers? Are their egos so fragile?

Part of me wants to travel again but I cannot be pfaffed with masks and vaccine passports on top of what one can and cannot carry. Guess that means driving round the UK for the foreseeable future.

As always, I think I will be fine in almost all respects, so my concern is for the younger members of our family, for those who want to speak out but rely on people like me to do it for them. A spiritual purpose I do aim to fulfil.

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