Weeding Needy Solipsism And Spiritual Surrender


Weeding of the people kind was something I planned to do today then compassion kicked in. For them. For me, I may have to mute as, in general, we become like those we share space with.

Three Magi

Including mind space. But I’m jumping ahead.

Three Maji

My last 2020 review (the Argh post) briefly touched on how tweets about followers, their numbers or who to follow, was doing my head in. It was all LF mind space whether I did my nosey thing or not.

Have deleted virtually everything I wrote this morning as, for some, Twitter is their self-verification. It is their means of being alive or rather being seen to be alive to the world. And who am I to take that from them however much it irritates me?

The problem for them is, because they are not famous, they have to amuse their hungry followers.

Lace your tweets with lots of swearing and sexual innuendo and you will be a Twitter star. Have a personal tragedy or tag in someone who has, and you’ll gather followers like the proverbial.

Announce you are leaving Twitter or taking time off and your followers will beg you to stay and you will attract yet more … and then they are back to their adoring crowd before most have even noticed.

Twitter has become their god. They cease to exist without Twitter likes and the ‘banter’.

Twitter is like a willy-waving contest. Or for the women to talk about their genitalia. Throw in some political stuff to make it seem like there are a few functioning brain cells and watch those follower numbers (mostly bots, btw) increase as if they were the Second Coming.

Interesting that some who keep online diaries tend to avoid swearing on them. That persona seems reserved for Twitter. So, who is the real one? The ones begging for sympathy and understanding via a polite blog or the ones chucking out profanities with every other tweet?

One online diary of someone who is highly popular on Twitter indicates a very angry, unhappy soul. Self-aware, true, but still angry. I actually felt and feel a great kindness towards them now as I don’t think Twitter is the answer for them.

For a great many, Twitter is ego verification via pandering to the rubbernecking needs of others. (See solipsism below.)

Facebook is similar in many ways but with, generally, less anonymity. Disliking Facebook is being dishonest. With Facebook there are people we know in real life who are less likely to ‘like’ one’s posts or tell you the sun shines from your nethers – as seems to be the case with the popular Twitterati – so, for them, it irks and makes them feel irrelevant.

Which neatly brings me to solipsism and spiritual surrender.


Spiritual Surrender Inc Solipsism

Just before NYE a Facebook friend pondered on whether we are all solipsistic. (I had to look it up again as well! Not a word I use much if at all so its exact meaning had become hazy.

Solipsism is the philosophical idea that only one’s mind is sure to exist. As an epistemological position, solipsism holds that knowledge of anything outside one’s own mind is unsure; the external world and other minds cannot be known and might not exist outside the mind.  

As usual, I don’t quite agree.

All minds are or can be individual but are also part of the whole. Our reality can be individual but also part of the whole and shared. Even divided beliefs share a common theme – hence belonging with some and falling out over others. Personal verification fractures when some (not me, btw) fall out with those they have long known for having contrary views or changing tack on a shared important issue.

There is self and then there is Self. And even the Self operates on several levels.

Having a tendency to tune into others, or allow them to tune into me, means I exist for them and they exist for me.

Which btw is why I so dislike that follower begging as these people do exist for me and I am tuning into their LF needs – which I do not want to do.

The thread then somewhat expanded to say we should tap into a higher power and serve that power.


But yet again, my view veered in another direction. Spiritual surrender, I wrote, can make one too supine in accepting things. I think we are meant to use our spiritual power to change things.

Their view was that in changing ourselves we change reality.

Also true.

And also true is that, again, my perspective somewhat differs.

Basic observation will show it doesn’t change reality for ourselves but our attitude to it.

I mean if you are in financial pain, you can tell your mind that money is coming, but the actual reality is you still have an overdraft or debts.

If someone you loved has died, you can tell your mind that the love is still there and sense his or her presence, but the actual human/physical reality is they are not.

We know the invisible elite are changing our lives with the planned Great Reset. We can tell ourselves that they have not taken our minds, they are not going to affect how we live our lives. But that will not be true. This last year of lockdowns, suicides, small businesses going bust, fraudulent elections and so on more or less confirm that.

We have seen loved ones turn against each other with even more ferocity than over Brexit. And for a virus with a 99% survival rate.

So mind attitude is one thing but will never over-write reality for the whole. If it does for any one individual, it’s called schizophrenia.

Mark you, shared mental illness could now be called Covid.

Spiritual Purpose

Spiritual surrender and realisation of self are inter-related. They do indeed make us aware of higher powers but, and I am speaking from personal experience repeated a few times, they do not change overall reality. They change our attitudes to it.

Meaning martyrs, for example, were very much in tune with their higher selves, but Nero, Diocletian et al still persecuted Christians.

They were not broken and died with a kind of spiritual joy and freedom but the reality around them did not change till much later… ie through Constantine.

That said, religious persecution for various faith continued and still continues so what exactly is ‘reality’?


I guess what this post means is the thought that woke me at the way too early time of 6am is not going to be turned into a plan of action.

There are those who need Twitter for their personal realities.

Equally surrendering to one’s Higher Self, God and then not listening and following through is also not the answer.

It’s quite possible some never sense their God Self. Others sense it by channelling creativity or creating a vacuum – or fighting to right wrongs.

There are many reasons why some feel they don’t exist for others. I might come to this again another time.


I forgot to add the plagued NHS and its dance fetish to that last Argh post.

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Another NB

More spiritual mumbo-jumbo: my spiritual purpose is to learn and share – a kind of teaching through personal experience. This is why I share aspects of my life and thoughts either on social media or on my website.

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On Meditation

An Extract From Profit From Unlimited Thinking

A personal development course in a book I wrote ages ago.

In Part 5, I have included more details of the various processes  and mind states involved in self-programming, or self-hypnosis. Through self-hypnosis, we can interact profitably with our subconscious minds. Not only can we tell it what improvements our conscious minds would like, we can also receive in return, symbolic messages of hidden and useful knowledge. I have also included a sample hypnosis script which can be amended to suit individual needs. Use it as a skeleton script for your own creative endeavours.

“Man has three ways of acting wisely. First, on meditation; that is the noblest. Secondly, on imitation; that is the easiest. Thirdly, on experience; that is the bitterest.” Confucius

“Meditation is really the mind thinking of the Soul, just as Activity is the mind thinking of the world.” Paul Brunton

“Whoever here among men attain greatness, they have, as it were, part of the reward of meditation. …He who reverences meditation as the Supreme – as far as meditation goes, so far he has unlimited freedom.” Chandogya Upanishad

I confess to having a prodigal-son approach to inner education: off on mundane or materialistic trips, I pay lip service to still and silent listening. Yet when I do, and it can be for mere seconds, I am greatly rewarded beyond my deservability.  In fact, probably like most mere mortals, I am awed by what I could receive, and thus switch off.

A lot has been written about meditation.  What happens to our consciousness during the process? Devotees of meditation swear it transports them into a new realm of consciousness. Others are relieved of stress, or gain an exceptional energy charge. Creativity is enhanced and obstacles have been known to “miraculously” disappear.

Research has shown that a deep meditative state does result in a reduction in metabolic activity, with increased cerebral blood flow. The characteristics are directly opposite to those of a stressed state.  Brain wave patterns differ from those in the sleeping state. Yet despite the alertness, the meditator experiences a calm restfulness. This is described as transcendental consciousness.

“Meditation is as simple as breathing.” Greer Allica

“The road of meditation is not an easy one. The first shock of surprise comes when we realise how undisciplined our mind really is…” Lawrence LeShan[1]

If you are anything like me, lengthy meditation can frequently make you twitch and fidget. Thankfully, I discovered my One-Minute Meditation can work almost as well – at least for my current capacity to receive. It certainly shoos away any negative thoughts and allows me to feel a sense of directed confidence.

The usual instructions for meditation are to sit comfortably and let your mind relax into a state of restful awareness. For a successful meditative session, it is important that one’s physiological functions slow down. Unfortunately, if you have just stepped out of a sales meeting, or are in the middle of prospecting, to meet end of quarter quota, you will have neither the time to relax your physiology, nor an understanding sales manager. Ladies’ loos are usually prime gossip-spreading meeting rooms and, short of finding a solitary park bench opposite a large lake, they can provide the necessary aloneness for the OMM. Men are advised to stick to their own WCs.

Close your eyes, hold your breath and let the only image be of infinite nothingness. Don’t gulp a minute’s worth of breath, or hold in your stomach. Just stop, and sense the infinite within you. As you do, even in those seconds, you will feel as if the sides of your mind and body have merged with this infinite nothingness. Yet, as you do, you will be aware of an enormous potentiality about it.

Even those short seconds can give you an extraordinary sense of self-belief and power. Small wonder I have called my autobiographical essays Delusions of Divinity?[2] It feels almost like overhearing a conversation, or peeking inside someone’s windows on a Sunday stroll, yet, at the same time, being a part of it.. You probably will not be aware that you are actually still breathing, albeit slowly.

Do apply some commonsense to practising this exercise if you have asthma or any other respiratory disease.

“The essence of meditation is nowness… (it) is not aimed at achieving a higher state or at following some theory or idea, but simply, without any object or ambition, trying to see what is here and now.” Chogyam Trungpa

“The holiest name in the world, the name of the Creator, is the sound of your own breathing.” Arthur Samuel Joseph

“Empty yourself of everything, let the mind become still.” The Book of Tao

Meditation is now generally accepted as a worthwhile method for controlling stress. Indeed one recent guru advised a form of meditation while driving. This is not at all a good idea! Listening to soothing music is far better, and may even attract ideas or solutions to problems. The key is diverted attention.

“In the Meditator’s worldview, God isn’t separate from the world, but is the consciousness out of which  everything is formed.” David Harp

While Eastern chanting, and yoga predominate, there are in fact many forms of meditation.[3] One of my favourite books on the subject is a Teach Yourself – Meditation by James Hewitt. It is intelligent and informative, as well as practical. It is particularly telling that the only line I have highlighted is “Desire for results as you meditate in fact robs you of results.” Ah, plus ça change!

“It seemed to me that the Yoga exercises produced in us a certain silence favourable to contemplation, the approach of God and personal contact with the divine Persons.” J-M Déchanet OSB

Yoga is a physical form of meditation. Obviously not one for the ladies’ loo! I well remember when it was said to be contrary to Christian faith to practice yoga… till I discovered one of the better books on yoga was written by a Benedictine monk.[4] 

The most important demand from unlimited thinking is to learn to quieten your mind at least once a day, and one of the best ways is through meditation whichever practice you choose to adopt. The result is not dissimilar to runner’s high. However, during transcendental consciousness, the mind is enhanced, without borders, and is able to consciously receive and create.

Through still and silent meditation, one achieves perfect equilibrium. Isn’t that a beautiful word?  A state of mental and emotional balance… in these moments of deep mental and emotional balance, previous creative efforts are usually rewarded.

While it is possible to achieve moments of similar equilibrium in a busy world, “moving meditation” can be distracting. Dogs’ calling cards, other people passing by and  traffic are just some of those distractions making demands on our subconscious energy. Thankfully the one-minute meditation (OMM) can not only still and focus your thoughts, it will also rebalance your EMFs[5].

Re Narcissism and Meditation

NB this quote from Paul Brunton which applies as much to any with ‘issues’.

“Too much meditation could create hypersensitivity and nervousness in certain persons.” Paul Brunton[6]

While I may not be very good at lengthy meditation sessions,  I do have an enhanced self-awareness which tells me when I must still my mind. By and large, I obediently take time out to tune up. When the benefits emerge, as they invariably do, I always wonder why I do not practise more devoutly…!

“…those will survive whose functions happen to be most nearly in equilibrium…” Herbert Spencer

Finding balance, whether emotional, mental or spiritual, in our frantic and materialistic world can be incredibly difficult. Hip gip can affect even prime time players in our struggle to match our worldly needs with the cries of our souls. Even as our bodies flash painful warnings, it is possible to re-align our auras, and, in effect, to begin a self-healing. For those with serious illnesses, please make sure you follow your medical practitioner’s advice as well.

1] How to Meditate: Lawrence LeShan

[2] Delusions of Divinity?: Euphrosene Labon (not yet published)

[3] The 3 Minute Meditator: David Harp with Nina Feldman

[4] Yoga in 10 Lessons: J-M Déchanet OSB

[5] electro-magnetic frequencies

[6] The Notebooks of Paul Brunton: Vol Four, Part 1 Meditation

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The newsletter function on this website is intentionally kaput and these posts were never included anyway. To receive notification of new posts, for blogs I follow, I use Bloglovin:


Another NB

More spiritual mumbo-jumbo: my spiritual purpose is to learn and share – a kind of teaching through personal experience. This is why I share aspects of my life and thoughts either on social media or on my website.

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Testing: Shopping Eating Out

Testing Shopping And Eating Out

The last few days have been horribly September-ish so the promised sunshine was a good excuse to get out. £26 Boots’ loyalty points and a book gift card from R from February were added incentive.

Apart from my hat blowing off and making my forehead tacky, it was a pleasant enough walk (circa 3 miles there). Passed one bloke with dog on path. I moved to the inside so the dog was on the outer edge but other than that neither of us budged even an inch let alone two metres. And he boomed ‘Good’. Presumably meaning he too wasn’t paranoid about social distancing.

Loads of pavement markers everywhere to reinforce the need to keep one’s distance – which most only bothered with when forced too.

Spent my loyalty points and got a freebie on top. The gift card was spent on The Prisoners of Geography – which I am going to read cover to cover. (Not.) Then popped into Superdrug who do not deliver any salicylic products. Click and Collect only. Except they don’t sell them in the Rustington store either. Bit daft. But did get a rash cream reduced to 40p – which she was going to charge me full price for till I pointed it out.

Oh, and I bought some green makeup. Photo above is with blue makeup – which is also my getting older without giving a damn thing. There is some barely spoken dictum that when we get older, less is more. Not going to overdo anything but I suddenly felt the need for some colour on my eyes. Hence the blue and now green shadow.

(The neon green muzzle is for face covering should it be asked for as the scarf version (see photo in earlier post) was way too hot.

And on to Waitrose.

The queue – apparently reduced – was right round the block. So no Waitrose.

Lunch. Or not.

Plenty of eateries were full but I chose the Italian which was almost empty. Sat down and was asked to sanitise my hands. Happy to do so. Asked for my name and telephone number. Less happy. Asked why and he said something about contacting me if anyone got Covid.

The restaurant was practically EMPTY. There were THREE other people there.

Said no thanks and went off to Estabilo. Crummier food and glasses that do not appeal but despite wanting me to ‘fill out a form’ on my way out, they didn’t make a song and dance, so I had a drink and a light snack. And did not fill out the form.

Walked back through Ham Manor across the golf course. Been a while as it’s less pleasant when the weather is off. The other way through it has shown up the chavvier neighbours with some gardens untended and overgrown during lockdown. This other way is a bit more ‘exclusive’.

Or was.

Large partitioned off area on one of the more attractive partially wooded areas of the golf course.

I asked a golfer whether they were building more homes there and it seems they are. Two years they had been fighting to stop it, the Irish man said. I sympathised and said where I lived they were also building on every spare green space.

Almost back home but then decided to have some actual lunch at The Lamb.

Sadly, it was practically empty though there may have been more in the garden at the back. Heavens knows how they will break even.

Lockdown has been utter madness for the economy, for people struggling to make a living and for creating a climate of fear. Most of those dying – and, to be frank, the numbers are not a lot higher than usual death rates, are those who are elderly, infirm or with dodgy immune systems.

It will take a long time to change mental perceptions with regard to work as well as health.

It’s clearly not just in the UK so someone or some powerful group has forced the entire world to become fearful and kill their economies for around half a million deaths globally. Meaning that is nothing in the scale of things.

And yes of course I feel great sorrow for those who have lost loved ones, for those whose health is struggling to return to normal. But they are not the norm. And the majority are being punished for those sad few.


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