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Too blustery to walk to the sea let alone seafront so halfheartedly walked around the village for 20 mins then thought, with traffic apparently reduced, I’d walk to the Woodman’s Arms at Hammerpot.

Was feeling a tad down despite the (windy) sun. Another of those times passing vibes with not a lot to show for it.

Since the last time I tried it, a crossing point has been put in on the A27. Still a lot of traffic but better than standing on a clump of grass hoping no passing traffic gets distracted and flattens me.
Chatty man in front garden thinks I am with the two men in front having car problems. Not with them, I said, and carried on to the Woodman’s and whatever was around it. Letting a family of very polite cyclists pass, I discovered a path – but how far did it go?
Still too windy, so I headed back and the chatty man was continuing to work in his front garden, so I asked him, ‘Does the path on the other side go all the way to Arundel?’

Yes, but no need to cross at Hammerpot. Walk this side till Poling then there is a crossing point for walkers which goes through Crossbush. Perfect, I said.

But it is a bit of a walk, he said. Only 5 or 6 miles, I replied thanking him, but too blustery to do today. Yes, said chatty man, expounding on the wind and the direction south. Or something like that.  

I was just pleased to discover that I could walk to Arundel without being squashed by traffic or wading through thigh-high weeds and brambles as previously. 

And the time-passing vibe had lifted.

PS He was not remotely a frog! I just needed to stick an image in the blog post 🙂

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