Wise El

Wise El is a barefoot mystic with flowing hair, tied back in a ponytail, and long skinny limbs. Not gag cartoon but more quirky wit. She is drawn in black pen on watercolour paper, often with a scenic backdrop and coloured sparingly.

The logo is of Wise El perched on a branch. Pun intended.

Wise El Day Scene

Although Wise El is the main character, there are many other occasional players, like Mason chicken,  Muttford dog and many others who appear as and when. New characters have been created which I will post here – when I’ve worked out how to add them in a polyphoto-type image. Inc Khadi cow, Mo goat, Bazil pig.

Each cartoon is intended to be an A4 standalone, but could be collected as a series. They are also available as complete books:

Wise El on Life
Wise El on Surviving Recessions Depressions & Downturns
Wise El’s Big Thoughts
Wise El on God

2021 – I started the revised edition including print version of Wise El on God in 2018 but it fell off the list and I re-started in earnest last year. This new version will have more on God (in another section), one of Love and one on Notes to Self. All drawings are being re-done and the words will not be part of the each A4 page in an attempt to make editing easier. Hopefully, it will also be a flowing manuscript instead of 300-odd A4 pdfs.

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