On Heaven, psychics and seeing the dead

Last night I watched Part 1 of a hammy mystical film called Talking to Heaven with, of all actors, Ted Danson playing the part of the reluctant psychic. There again, the psychic was James van Praagh.
Anyway, it made me think again of my own experiences and beliefs – which are, briefly:
I do believe in (a) Heaven.
I do believe in an afterlife.
I do believe some can sense those who have died – and even get messages. (More to come another time of seeing my brother, Eugene, and sensing my parents and non-family souls who have passed on.)
Where my thinking differs:

Heaven is a place of Lethean stasis. We really do not want our conscious minds perpetually linked to our last life.

We can meet loved ones in a place between, if either feels it necessary or desired. 
Loved souls in this limbo can be with us, can see and can communicate with some gifted at tuning in. These psychically-gifted are very open, with mystical issues that could result, as it tends to sap energy from both.
However, I firmly disagree that there is a mystical What’sApp, where you can contact someone you loved, at will, and vice versa. Psychics who say they can are, in my mystical view, yanking your chain. 
But the ideal is to let go. That is better for spiritual evolution for both you and the soul of the dearly departed.

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Weeding Needy Solipsism And Spiritual Surrender


Weeding of the people kind was something I planned to do today then compassion kicked in. For them. For me, I may have to mute as, in general, we become like those we share space with.

Three Magi

Including mind space. But I’m jumping ahead.

Three Maji

My last 2020 review (the Argh post) briefly touched on how tweets about followers, their numbers or who to follow, was doing my head in. It was all LF mind space whether I did my nosey thing or not.

Have deleted virtually everything I wrote this morning as, for some, Twitter is their self-verification. It is their means of being alive or rather being seen to be alive to the world. And who am I to take that from them however much it irritates me?

The problem for them is, because they are not famous, they have to amuse their hungry followers.

Lace your tweets with lots of swearing and sexual innuendo and you will be a Twitter star. Have a personal tragedy or tag in someone who has, and you’ll gather followers like the proverbial.

Announce you are leaving Twitter or taking time off and your followers will beg you to stay and you will attract yet more … and then they are back to their adoring crowd before most have even noticed.

Twitter has become their god. They cease to exist without Twitter likes and the ‘banter’.

Twitter is like a willy-waving contest. Or for the women to talk about their genitalia. Throw in some political stuff to make it seem like there are a few functioning brain cells and watch those follower numbers (mostly bots, btw) increase as if they were the Second Coming.

Interesting that some who keep online diaries tend to avoid swearing on them. That persona seems reserved for Twitter. So, who is the real one? The ones begging for sympathy and understanding via a polite blog or the ones chucking out profanities with every other tweet?

One online diary of someone who is highly popular on Twitter indicates a very angry, unhappy soul. Self-aware, true, but still angry. I actually felt and feel a great kindness towards them now as I don’t think Twitter is the answer for them.

For a great many, Twitter is ego verification via pandering to the rubbernecking needs of others. (See solipsism below.)

Facebook is similar in many ways but with, generally, less anonymity. Disliking Facebook is being dishonest. With Facebook there are people we know in real life who are less likely to ‘like’ one’s posts or tell you the sun shines from your nethers – as seems to be the case with the popular Twitterati – so, for them, it irks and makes them feel irrelevant.

Which neatly brings me to solipsism and spiritual surrender.


Spiritual Surrender Inc Solipsism

Just before NYE a Facebook friend pondered on whether we are all solipsistic. (I had to look it up again as well! Not a word I use much if at all so its exact meaning had become hazy.

Solipsism is the philosophical idea that only one’s mind is sure to exist. As an epistemological position, solipsism holds that knowledge of anything outside one’s own mind is unsure; the external world and other minds cannot be known and might not exist outside the mind.  

As usual, I don’t quite agree.

All minds are or can be individual but are also part of the whole. Our reality can be individual but also part of the whole and shared. Even divided beliefs share a common theme – hence belonging with some and falling out over others. Personal verification fractures when some (not me, btw) fall out with those they have long known for having contrary views or changing tack on a shared important issue.

There is self and then there is Self. And even the Self operates on several levels.

Having a tendency to tune into others, or allow them to tune into me, means I exist for them and they exist for me.

Which btw is why I so dislike that follower begging as these people do exist for me and I am tuning into their LF needs – which I do not want to do.

The thread then somewhat expanded to say we should tap into a higher power and serve that power.


But yet again, my view veered in another direction. Spiritual surrender, I wrote, can make one too supine in accepting things. I think we are meant to use our spiritual power to change things.

Their view was that in changing ourselves we change reality.

Also true.

And also true is that, again, my perspective somewhat differs.

Basic observation will show it doesn’t change reality for ourselves but our attitude to it.

I mean if you are in financial pain, you can tell your mind that money is coming, but the actual reality is you still have an overdraft or debts.

If someone you loved has died, you can tell your mind that the love is still there and sense his or her presence, but the actual human/physical reality is they are not.

We know the invisible elite are changing our lives with the planned Great Reset. We can tell ourselves that they have not taken our minds, they are not going to affect how we live our lives. But that will not be true. This last year of lockdowns, suicides, small businesses going bust, fraudulent elections and so on more or less confirm that.

We have seen loved ones turn against each other with even more ferocity than over Brexit. And for a virus with a 99% survival rate.

So mind attitude is one thing but will never over-write reality for the whole. If it does for any one individual, it’s called schizophrenia.

Mark you, shared mental illness could now be called Covid.

Spiritual Purpose

Spiritual surrender and realisation of self are inter-related. They do indeed make us aware of higher powers but, and I am speaking from personal experience repeated a few times, they do not change overall reality. They change our attitudes to it.

Meaning martyrs, for example, were very much in tune with their higher selves, but Nero, Diocletian et al still persecuted Christians.

They were not broken and died with a kind of spiritual joy and freedom but the reality around them did not change till much later… ie through Constantine.

That said, religious persecution for various faith continued and still continues so what exactly is ‘reality’?


I guess what this post means is the thought that woke me at the way too early time of 6am is not going to be turned into a plan of action.

There are those who need Twitter for their personal realities.

Equally surrendering to one’s Higher Self, God and then not listening and following through is also not the answer.

It’s quite possible some never sense their God Self. Others sense it by channelling creativity or creating a vacuum – or fighting to right wrongs.

There are many reasons why some feel they don’t exist for others. I might come to this again another time.


I forgot to add the plagued NHS and its dance fetish to that last Argh post.

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Another NB

More spiritual mumbo-jumbo: my spiritual purpose is to learn and share – a kind of teaching through personal experience. This is why I share aspects of my life and thoughts either on social media or on my website.

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2020 Review– The Argh Post

Three days left of this year and not a miracle in sight. Yet.

It’s a terrible thing to keep fighting in my head but, with no miracles being revealed, I do think an asteroid could be a good cleansing mechanism.

Not only are all of the same divisions still around, but barely noticed others are ramping up the ante. So clearly this year will not end with any healing and 2021 will not be any kind of hark the herald angels’ stuff of light and love either.

These are just some of the issues that will exacerbate divisions for a long time to come – hence the not so hidden desire for a cleansing asteroid:

-The post-Brexit Trade Treaty (and an international treaty so we are stuck with it!) looks like it could be riddled with traps to drag us back in to the ghastly Project. Haven’t got round to trying to read it as yet and the ERG are due to pronounce on it later this afternoon. Either way, it will be hanging over our heads for a long while to come

-Covid – which I do not think is a hoax, but *do* think is horribly exaggerated – continues to divide even more emotionally than Brexit. Vaccine passports – and these vaccines have to keep being taken and have already had adverse affects for some – mask fascists and so on

-Trump looks no nearer securing his second term while both Republicans and Democrats are ignoring the very obvious fraud, despite it being on an astonishing scale. I gather something is happening on the 6th January but since legal routes have failed, I am not sure what else they could do to make the scales fall from all eyes

-The Great Reset – which the same anti-Brexit, anti-Trump, pro-lockdown types think is a conspiracy theory.  And despite the Pope, Princes Charles and William, Biden, umpteen slebs and even more politicians confirming it with their UN/WEF mantras and slogans. I haven’t the faintest idea how they can enforce it – apart from starting with universal basic income which the Covid Wars are making easy to enable. They for sure are not taking my home – though they are welcome to my credit card debts

-China is being given a free pass while again the admittedly not so innocent Russia is blamed for everything

-Blacks of the Marxist or over-sensitive kind re-writing history, demanding endlessly and proving that until they can rise above the past, they will never be equal in their own eyes let alone anyone else’s

-Islamic immigration – an ARGH all on its own

-MSM and almost every journalist of erstwhile repute being nothing more than propaganda merchants

-SNP Scotland – dear Lord, when will they ever swallow the logic pill?

-Social Media – Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are especially pouncing on those who sing from alternative song books. I have already offloaded my YouTube channel but will probably stick with Facebook because of family and IRL friends. Losing Twitter wouldn’t be too much of a sweat the way things are going. I am bored rigid with big egos and their follower boasts. To say nothing of those who announce their departures only to return within a few mere weeks. Most have seriously repetitive (ie dull) or vulgar tweets, pandering to the lowest common denominator. Some days it leaves a filthy film over one’s EMFs. Why do they beg for followers? Are their egos so fragile?

Part of me wants to travel again but I cannot be pfaffed with masks and vaccine passports on top of what one can and cannot carry. Guess that means driving round the UK for the foreseeable future.

As always, I think I will be fine in almost all respects, so my concern is for the younger members of our family, for those who want to speak out but rely on people like me to do it for them. A spiritual purpose I do aim to fulfil.

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