Do You Know What Your Name Says ABout You

Would you have chosen your name? Perhaps you did. Your name, intentionally or otherwise, says a lot about you. Learn to take advantage of the hidden power in your name. And get the measure of others through theirs!
It is not enough for some celebrities to achieve fame and fortune in their own right. Additional media kudos is gained from their offspring, and what better way to grab more attention than to give your child an unusual name? From Sage Moonblood to Heavenly Hiraani and Princess Tiaamii, the odder the better, for the truly publicity hungry. Given some of the strange choices, perhaps they were selected via a random generator as in!
Jokes apart, calling someone by an affectionate handle like pickle or peaches is fine when they are little people. But is it fair to let them trek through their schooldays with something that gives carte blanche to bullies and mickey takers? (Continued) Total Word Count: 2135

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