Sorry could be my middle name.

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I say sorry when I get justifiably angry. I even say sorry when it’s not my fault. I say sorry if I haven’t heard something clearly and sorry when I bump into someone – or vice versa. Yet many people do not appear to have the word in their mental vocab at all.

Curiously, not only do they fail to acknowledge their root fault in creating dissention but a good many of those latter usually go on to continue commiting more of the same or fresh and inventive ones. It’s like a primary particle of self-awareness is missing from their genetic makeup. Continue reading

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Left hatred

of anything non-Left has long troubled me. Pre-internet, I thought it was my imagination. Twitter et al soon disabused me of that notion. And it’s not just hatred of non-Left policies but hatred of actual people who have even right of centre views. The Latin word for left may well be apt. Because that is what it seems to me to be – sinister. Continue reading

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Mind Tricks Make Rejection A Positive Experience

Rejection hurts. It can destroy confidence and self-esteem. But it is a fact of life and it can lead to positive outcomes. Even adverse situations can be turned to personal advantage if we observe how we react and use our minds to create the experiences we desire.

If the fifth rejection letter has just landed on the doormat, or you have just been dumped by a loved one, it is unlikely that you will see anything positive in being rejected. If your sales targets are looking increasingly difficult to achieve, losing a deal can be one rejection too many. Yet rejection is just an experience – and the right mind tricks can turn any experience to personal advantage. (Continued) Total Word Count 1502

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