Christian Quandary

Christ Within

Christian quandary. Still troubling my mind.

Christians are being murdered regularly in Islamic countries. Nantes Cathedral is on fire – as was Notre Dame, as have been many French churches. The finger is pointing at migrant Muslims. No proof either way apart from some videos of mindless destruction – which since seem to have disappeared from the ‘net.

Uyghur Muslims are being forcibly incarcerated in internment camps. Forced abortions, possibly organ harvesting – as also happened or is happening with the Falun Gong.

Yet sympathy – unlike for the Bosnian Muslims – is at a horrible low. A terrible Christian quandary. To care for the humans suffering but to be torn by the relentless, unforgiving ideology of Islam.

The talk is of #culturalgenocide

But what about the cultural genocide of Christians? Actual murders of Christians, actual burning down of churches, actual toppling of statues & destruction of Judaeo-Christian history?

I do feel very deep sorrow for Uyghur Muslims as human beings. But they are mixed feelings as I do not care for the destructive nature of Islam. And ‘re-education’ is not remotely a ‘holocaust’ though I understand many have died. God rest their souls.

My intense dislike of the ideology of Islam categorically does not mean hurting or terrorising any humans who follow it ie any Muslims. The two must and should be kept separate. And yes, I am aware the same does not always apply the other way round. In fact, rarely does these days.

Barely a day goes without something about Christians being murdered – mostly in African countries. Hindus being killed in Pakistan with not a word of criticism. The western world barely covers these atrocities.

Islam should have stayed in Islamic countries. But then it is and has always been a religion of conquest, by whatever means.

While the western world should never have allowed Islamic immigration on the scale it has, the problem is what to do now, that does not hurt humans, but does not harm any of us either?

We clearly cannot live on the same terms in the same place because Islam (rather than Muslims) is – to repeat – an ideology of conquest.

From segregated communities to schools teaching hatred to small acts of terrorism to mosques on every corner to entitled behaviour, even from ‘asylum’ migrants, it is small wonder sympathy is very low for those poor Uyghur Muslims.

It’s wrong, of course, but tragically understandable.

Such is my Christian quandary.

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