Left hatred

of anything non-Left has long troubled me. Pre-internet, I thought it was my imagination. Twitter et al soon disabused me of that notion. And it’s not just hatred of non-Left policies but hatred of actual people who have even right of centre views. The Latin word for left may well be apt. Because that is what it seems to me to be – sinister.

Or, to be kinder, perhaps just plain illogical.

Of course we must help those who are vulnerable. That is a spiritual given. What is not right is to have goodness taken to the wire. People claiming long-term benefits for backaches or migraines. Or perhaps someone is genuinely disabled but wealthy. If they can afford to care for themselves, why deprive another of funds?

Even before this dire financial crisis, the welfare state was not an endless pot of gold for every conceivable issue or crisis. It was meant to be a temporary support structure and nothing else. If people still sadly fell through the net, that was Darwinism in action.

Yet that very fact seems to have escaped any Left critical thinking; those same Lefties who despise anything faith-based and want life to be run on rationalist grounds.

These same (non) rational minds think we should open our island borders to people from all over the globe, then wonder why jobs are tight; why housing is hard to find.

They think the minimum wage should be much higher but never ask themselves why the economies of China, India and Brazil, for example, are doing so much better than our own. The idea of global competition and the desire to succeed by individual nations doesn’t seem to have crossed their (non)rational minds – as if everyone would play by the same rules.

According to them, there is or should be an endless pot of ever-increasing money to hand out to all and sundry, whether through the NHS for non-vital operations, to benefits for thousands (millions?) who have never contributed in any shape or form.

And still they hate if anything is done to make the system more balanced; to make changes that force people to take some self-responsibility. Everyone and everything is to blame but, at the same time, everyone else has to provide for them from birth to death. Some Darwinism!

I am not particularly a Darwinist and my spiritual beliefs do insist on helping others – but to take self-responsibility. Give the tools and a helping hand but not a crutch for life.

The same non-rationalists have a strange view of equality. Equality is a utopian ideal. Even spiritually some are more equal than others. Couch potatoes, who shift their butts just to turn on the television, paid for by taxpayers’ goodwill, are low in spiritual frequency, taking, and giving little or nothing in return.

I, who can no longer bear children naturally, am unequal in Darwinian terms, since the human species’ prime urge is to procreate. And that is what marriage and marital equality means. Should we need to colonise a new galaxy, I will be left behind along with all those same-sex human sentients who don’t suddenly have a radical cellular memory re-boot :^)

Tolerance for differences in human physiology is not the same thing at all. I’d go so far as to say that tolerance is anti-Darwinist thinking since it skews the results.

However, tolerance springs from spiritual evolution.

Why now should tolerant people of faith have to bend their beliefs so that some same-sex human sentients can marry in church? Or indeed have the spiritual definition of marriage be changed so same-sex human sentients can feel equal?

No doubt, there will be some who read this and think I am a bigot but, no matter which way you spin it, 1+1 does not naturally (ie without scientific intervention) make 3 (tch, you know I mean 1 female human + another male human) so there will never be an innate equality. Under no natural physical laws, can two men – or two women – give birth to their own third. That’s just the way it is. Currently.

But yes, we should be fair to same-sex human sentients who want to live in blissful partnership, hence civil partnerships. Call it marriage, call yourselves husband or wife. Go for it. But do not expect people of faith to bend their spiritual values so you can have a fancy church wedding. And in a church which disapproves of same-sex sexual relations (not the person, note, but the act of consummating it).

Again, blame Darwin. Marriage is religion’s way of adhering to the Word of God as given in the Old Testament. Procreation of the species (naturally).

Or yay! Let’s all be gay … and die out as a species.

There again, because my brand of mysticism is based on metaphysical laws which will ultimately affect the whole (ie cause and effect), maybe there is an underlying message here.

Maybe humans are meant to die out as a species or evolve through scientific experimentation into something more akin to cyborgs?

The human species evolved through many years of learned behaviour. How is it evolving now? What decisions made now are re-programming human cells for even the foreseeable future?

Science cannot keep interfering with nature without nature changing the physiology of humans forever. So I will never see all as equal because we are not. This is the beginning of the end of the human species – which in metaphysical terms of time and space is probably no great shakes.

But for us in this here and now, it will be fairly catastrophic.

Some may read this and think why not force Judaeo-Christian and Islamic faiths to evolve so that those who do not believe its teachings can be married by a priest/ rabbi/ imam in a fancy church wedding?

Because The Bible’s true meanings, which I am still attempting to decipher, are more than for pandering to a moment of human vanity.

Of late, I have found myself developing a greater respect for The Bible, despite still being unclear about much of it. Yet now, for the first time, I feel there are messages in it (beyond the obvious Judaeo-Christian moralistic ones) about our world as a whole that we have failed to understand.

I am not talking about creationism or the views of ultra fundamentalists. My feeling is they too have missed the real messages. Sadly, I can sense the messages but have yet to get the words to describe what I sense – undoubtedly what those earlier writers also struggled with. Be too mystical and it all goes over everyone’s heads. Be too literal and – well we get what we’ve got now.

If I don’t get round to wishing you before, I hope this coming Christmas season and 2013 bring you great joy and some fulfilled desires.

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