Wise El

Wise El is a barefoot mystic with flowing hair, tied back in a ponytail, and long skinny limbs. Less in-yer-face gag, and more quirky wit. She is drawn in black pen on watercolour paper, often with a scenic backdrop and coloured sparingly. The typeface on finished products is from a font I created to counteract the mysticism of the words. The logo is of Wise El perched on a branch. Pun intended.

Wise El Day Scene

Although Wise El is the main character, there are many other occasional players, like Mason the chicken, Gum the elephant, Moggford Cat and Muttford Dog, Abraham Ant and many others who appear as and when.

Each cartoon is intended to be standalone, but could be collected as a series. There is also a cartoon book of Wise El’s Book of Big Thoughts on the way, as well as a series of Wise El … covering topics like goal setting, time management, coaching and so on. (Similar themes to those covered in my books.)

Latest News on Wise El and Friends

  • An Introduction to Wise El The Wise El series is quirky rather than idiosyncratic, relying on El’s expressions and actions in contrast to the words and challenging ideas. It should appeal to a wide audience, from those who love its freshness and clean lines, to the more intellectually and/or spiritually-inclined, including those of traditional faiths, as well as those who ...