Snapshots of Krakow

Snapshots for Ma: Krakow Sept 25th -30th 2003

The Pope—a Cracovian—is supposed to be dying, and the German President is now talking of German victims, so it was particularly apposite to be visiting Krakow at this time.

Despite the prime reason being to visit Auschwitz-Birkenau, it was also surprisingly relaxing – possibly because I didn’t have to think of my family or work for five days! Actually, I did think of Archie quite a lot and felt much love for him… but I’m jumping ahead.
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Investing in the Artist

If someone had told Van Gogh that, one day, his paintings would be sold for millions, he might have died happy in himself—albeit still poor.

His brother Theo invested in him twice over—financially, and also through his unswerving belief in him. Those of us without a Theo have to invest in ourselves. Thankfully, with the internet, it is much easier for us today.
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Is There a Place for God in the Corporate World?

Can spirituality provide us with a competitive advantage?

Yes it can, says Ian Mitroff, co-author of A Spiritual Audit of Corporate America.
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