What Is Black? Or White?

This DoD post is just to get something quickly out there – and briefly – as I am still in major Wise El drawing mode and don’t want to lose the flow since it has been on hold for so very long. The images in this post were hurriedly done years (literally) ago and are being re-drawn today. The general theme of them is black and white (dark night of the soul, black thoughts, dark night).


It’s been a very long time since I truly thought about my NDE. Not just recalling what happened – which clearly, I have done.

It’s the reason for *not* dying that has been buried for a while. So that is the first of the ‘black’ thoughts this morning. (Not covering that here though.)

The second refers back to something I’ve written about in Wise El on God and Wise El’s Big Thoughts.

(Ebooks available via Amazon and print books taking forever to create!)

That second is that ‘black’ is not a negative association, metaphysically. It is potentiality. Raw, unfocused, half the time – but potential, powerful, energy.

It, in my version of spiritual metaphysics, is something hidden, something not yet fully formed, something needing light. (Yes, I aware that will be taken the wrong way by those so inclined.)

Black Potentiality

A lot of the current divisions are, from a dark-skinned observer, about inferiority.

Group think – through BLM – gives perceived strength in numbers. A mistake in my mystical opinion as individuals can be swept along by the loudest, not necessarily right, voices.

Clearly that is now changing as many excellent black men and women are speaking out and following through with decisive actions.

Grouping by skin colour is something I have always disliked since ‘black’ is not a race per se. Being dark-skinned, some semi-educateds have assumed – and even told me – I was African or West Indian (ie black).

I am NOT. My mother was Tamil and my father from Mangalore. Both South Indian. And yes, it does annoy – for mixed reasons.

Africans and Asians never get my race wrong. Or haven’t to date. I guess there is always a first time. Will keep you (the reader) posted.

Equally, some practically ‘white’ people have self-designated or been designated ‘black’ because of mixed parentage or ancestry. Not a term I like or enjoy using but I have done, because it is expected.

There is more – pro and con – but the words and ideas are jumbled in my head at the moment.

What Then Is White?

White in human terms is simply reduced need for melanin protection in less sunny countries. In mystical terms, let there be light. But there is also a cultural reference.

I read a post on Facebook where Jews were being referred to as ‘white’. I have been called ‘Karen’ a few times – an insult (doled out by some young black women) meaning middle-class white. Or something like that, but ‘white’ and ‘female’ being the key elements.

To be ‘white’ is a cultural mindset – which I can agree with. I prefer to call it English or British but it seems ‘white’ is now catching on as the go-to term.

Do I think whites are superior?

Categorically not.

Just different. Different spiritual purpose – and at heart that is all I ever base my posts and comments on.

 More too on this to come!

And Brown Is Earth

Figures really. For me, spiritually – not generally. On Earth as it is in Heaven. Or something. (Still pondering this.)

Trivial – Or Possibly Not – Aside

I’ve been on a lot of dates in my life, but I’ve never been asked on a date by a black man – or an Indian one, come to think of it. There was a date with Parvez, an exceptionally handsome Pakistani.

There have been some marriage proposals from a few via a dating site. (Not going to use any of those again!) They didn’t even bother to get to know me, just first contact was about marriage.

In the post which prompted this, the writer said (about Jews)  “you can be completely integrated and settled, but that the tide can turn in an instant. You are still a guest.”

I have never felt unwelcome or a guest in the UK – ever. However, I have, on a few occasions, felt different. But then I am and always have been – even with family and friends. 

Currently Re-Drawing All These


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Wimping Out

Desk Parts

I have now been looking at these parts for over a week. Firstly downstairs. Now upstairs in my workroom.

It actually looks quite straightforward – unlike some of the items I have put together in the past – the worst being the inversion chair. I just didn’t have either enough hands nor brute force so had to ask M (a neighbour) to come and help.

Desk Parts

Desk Parts

I think my reluctance to get on with it is down to there being no room to swing a cat in my workroom – or anywhere else come to that. At least flat on the floor it is not going to impede movement …..that much.

Tx Comments

Wimping out #2 is deleting a comment from March that was ‘liked’ today on an article written by my Tx FBF. It was actually quite a harmless comment – and based purely on that piece – that the author seemed to hate men.

Of course, I haven’t permanently turned into a wimp. I just need to find the right words.

Being at one with an individual at soul level – at differing frequencies! – doesn’t mean I think they are right or are immune to criticism.

Wise El on God – new version

Finally picked up again from at least 3 months ago. Not going to rush it as that’s what I did last time and I want to do better drawings this time.


On the plus side, the rashes are going. Praise be! Still waiting to hear back from GP re prescription. I haven’t tried ringing as there have been no emails saying the surgery was open again. Tried eConsult but that really is for working out a problem rather than renewing a prescription.

I can understand why people get embarrassed by various health conditions. The black mark on one side of my neck appeared from nowhere a year or more ago. I did mention it to the GP when I registered but anything dermatological – unless you are horrendously blemished – is generally not taken that seriously. And I didn’t make an issue of it.

No-one wants to be thought ‘dirty’, so it is a continuing annoyance often made worse by harsh treatment. Big sigh.

On the plus side, googling similar conditions show it does go. Eventually.

Darling Ma

Ma would have been 100 today.

She always wanted to live to be 100 to get a telegram from the Queen.

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