Ships Passing

Been thinking of love again prompted by two things – briefly picking up vibes from a man with a fake name and fake profile photo. A mixed pleasure. I know almost nothing about him and we know how well that last strange relationship went!
The other was watching Michael again – though it was less them finding love and more Michael saying to Pansy ‘let’s go home’ that set me off.   
It’s a proper blessing liking myself, and my own company, as Facebook (and to a lesser extent, Twitter) create these instant but ultimately superficial ties. People unfriend, unfollow and even block for whatever subjective rhyme or reason – even if you have given them energy and attention. 
Both Twitter and Facebook – and probably Parler now – are live for the moment platforms. Some are addicted to having high follower numbers and regularly talk of their ‘real friendships’ made. Not sure I agree.
This past week there have been comments from those who never or rarely look back, not even at their schooldays. Then there are those, like me, who still know people from when we were small children. We still meet up from time to time or exchange the odd email.
Then again there are those who have parted company from long-term friends and even family because of politics or life changes like divorce or the death of parents.
Puts in perspective the ships passing nature of social media.

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