Experimenting With Art Stuff

I love experimenting with art stuff – mostly by chucking paint on paper or canvas, or using obscure tools like kebab sticks. Usually the paint chucked around is a range I haven’t taken to and don’t want to waste (though I do give things away quite frequently). Anyway, these are some experiments using up some of those ‘unwanteds’.

The multi-coloured one is still wet and unfinished – it’s using acrylic inks which I have had for ages but were beginning to pong a little. So I have thrown them onto some watercolour paper to see what it will turn into when it’s dry. Maybe not art but immensely therapeutic – if a little messy.

The little scraps of paper are also a bit of waste not want nots…  If they still work later, I can build them into repeat patterns. Or perhaps a greetings card? (Thinking aloud here, btw.)

AcrylicsCanvas (1) WaitingToDryPouringInks ScribbedWithBiro KebabStickArt (2)

KebabStickArt (1) KebabStickArt (3)

KebabStickArt (4) KebabStickArt (5)

KebabStickArt (6) KebabStickArt (7)

KebabStickArt (8) KebabStickArt (9)

PenMandala KebabStickArt (10)