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On Heaven, psychics and seeing the dead

Last night I watched Part 1 of a hammy mystical film called Talking to Heaven with, of all actors, Ted Danson playing the part of the reluctant psychic. There again, the psychic was James van Praagh.
Anyway, it made me think again of my own experiences and beliefs – which are, briefly:
I do believe in (a) Heaven.
I do believe in an afterlife.
I do believe some can sense those who have died – and even get messages. (More to come another time of seeing my brother, Eugene, and sensing my parents and non-family souls who have passed on.)
Where my thinking differs:

Heaven is a place of Lethean stasis. We really do not want our conscious minds perpetually linked to our last life.

We can meet loved ones in a place between, if either feels it necessary or desired. 
Loved souls in this limbo can be with us, can see and can communicate with some gifted at tuning in. These psychically-gifted are very open, with mystical issues that could result, as it tends to sap energy from both.
However, I firmly disagree that there is a mystical What’sApp, where you can contact someone you loved, at will, and vice versa. Psychics who say they can are, in my mystical view, yanking your chain. 
But the ideal is to let go. That is better for spiritual evolution for both you and the soul of the dearly departed.

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