Business Writing Copywriting

Can you write what you really mean or does your message get lost in jargon?

Do you need clear but unique copy that describes you and your business accurately?

I am an experienced and successful communicator who can make words work for you. You will get an individual service in getting your message across and it will be said in distinctive yet clear language. You will get words that attract the desired results.

My credentials?

As well as being a writer and author of several books, I enjoyed over twenty-seven years as a highly-successful sales and business development professional within the IT sector.
You will get all this expertise to help you gain maximum impact with your letters, press releases, mailers, adverts, brochures, newsletters, proposals and even your corporate blog.

Meetings are not always necessary, although they may be a good idea if the work is complex.

Rates are either by the hour, day or month. A deposit of 40% will be required prior to commencing any agreed work. Discounts are available for regular clients and there is a ‘startups special‘.

Why not give me a call me on 07803 724963, or use the online contact form, to discuss your particular requirements?


A lot of the copywriting work I have done has been for third parties or prior to the access-all internet, hence the lacks of links. One site though is APH—the award-winning airport parking supplier. I wrote copy for several UK airports as well as fillers (Did You Know? and Travellers’ Tips).

In my opinion, keyword optimisation should be buried in informative copy and, thankfully, the client agreed.

For more, select the airport and then click on More About The Airport. This is Edinburgh Airport. And this is Birmingham Airport.

Have fun reading the rest.