A Little Book of Self-Coaching Tips

A Little Book of Self-Coaching TipsThis is a book for all those who want to take responsibility for their lives and want to know where and how to start. It is also for those who have started the process. A Little Book of Self-Coaching Tips is a convenient and compact guide to prompt and inspire you along the way.

ISBN 0-9545249-5-0
Price £7.99

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“I bought this book on a whim as I think some forms of coaching are a bit self-indulgent. In fact, the book is like a mini course in identifying when to self-coach – and how – and also when it would be best to turn to those more knowledgeable. Useful and worth having as a reference book.”

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The Little Book pocket guides are crammed full of information, tips and ideas. They are ideally suited for volume purchase for business and public education, marketing and promotion.

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