Simulation Channelling And Repeat Scripts

Simulation, maya, synchronicity, Lucifer – just some of the esoteric explanations for the world’s current madness. Simulation and illusion (maya) are more in line with my thinking though I currently feel repeat scripts may apply (as well).


That I am an open channel is not in dispute. Ditto lessons to be learnt from others in my time and space. Connections are made in order to learn. Presumably, still to come, is a very special soulmate. Maybe even a twin soul. Till then, I guess I have to make mistakes interpreting the various signals I often pick up. Like this most recent one.

Confused Vibrations

Stepping back in time first, T, almost from the first DM, talked of connecting and connections. So, despite thinking God was playing a terrible joke on me, I was curious. I tried to keep my interest on the metaphysical but he kept dragging it down which, to be fair, I didn’t try hard enough to stop.

Soul connections are not always of the kind that elevate and enhance – and, thankfully, that connection died a long time ago.

Repeat Scripts

But then another appeared to tune in.

Except this one has said nothing, appears disinterested in me and even a brief chat not long ago made me feel like a fly being swatted away. And, unfortunately, it has also meant revisiting the previous connection, given several similarities.

Somehow, the mystical connecting mechanism has got damaged since, try as I may, I cannot sense any personal spiritual lessons to learn via that channel – and I cannot force others to learn theirs. Or perhaps this is the lesson? To accept some lingering soul connection but for both to ignore it?

I presume all relate back to S (and closing karmic loopholes) – which neatly takes me to Black Magic Woman. Something still to be written up.

Black Magic Woman

A Twitter follower expressed interest in a brief comment I made about black magic. As the S episode kicked off The Other Stuff including the above ‘channelling’, I thought I shouldn’t put off recording it as a journal entry, rather than odd bits here and there in my diaries.

It’s not remotely a point in time and space I want to relive, so I have got no further than the checklist below. Clearly there is a lot more, some of which is deeply traumatic, so who can blame me!

starting point – 3 prophetic dreams
work colleague everyone thinks we are chalk and cheese – we are
just sexual interlude but got pregnant
truth comes out – another woman also pregnant
also find out about his 6 month obsession with me
time off in Spain – miscarriage – left them to it
but after C’s baby born he tells me he loves me
tell him to accept his life with her
but out of body experience in pub car park
she calls me to tell me to stop ignoring him!
‘black magic’  begins
Brian – a Retix customer – tells me he senses malign forces around me
go to see 3 separate ‘exorcists’
Third Eye opens
Incubus – unconditional love
And gone but spectre of Grim Reaper hovers
Study hypnosis and regressions get answers of a sort

What Next?

I don’t know and there are plenty of other issues to task the mind: Covid-19, Brexit, Islamic immigration, Global Reset, Trump-Biden and more.

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