Argh Ages Dark Ages

It’s as much ‘argh’ ages as ‘dark’ ages these days. No sooner is one irritant out of the way, than another appears or an old one resurfaces.

Out with the Jen Reid statue.
In with terrorist Shamima Begum – AND at taxpayers’ expense.

Out of lockdown.
In with mandatory masks – with supermarket deliveries even more difficult to get as well as a death knell for small businesses.

Progress with being free of the EU
But endless daily boats of Muslim migrants – mostly ingrates.

Out – decades of racial harmony here in the UK
In – black identity politics ushering in special treatment like no prisons, no punishment for crimes and other rubbish which I am sure no intelligent black would countenance. And many, thankfully, are speaking out strongly. But it is still a big ARGH that we should even be in such a situation.

Out with Christianity
In with Communism as the new religion.

And there’s more but I need to meditate.
After more silent Arghs!

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