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Unusual Erogenous Zone

Something most unusual has been happening while trying to remove the black rash on my neck. Soap and water don’t (Argh! Only noticed typo several hours later!!!) work so I’ve been scrubbing with rubbing alcohol and/or salicylic acid. They do work but it’s a very slow process. Apparently it could be some kind of yeast infection.

And this is the odd thing.

Rubbing away at it triggers some kind of sexual or sensual response – during the evening ablutions as well as morning and midday ones. (No one could accuse me of not keeping clean even if the splodges look anything but!)

Actually, they have reduced considerably and now look like someone has tried to garrotte me several times and failed – leaving strange wheals.

Anyway, last night, I amused myself thinking perhaps in a previous incarnation I had died from some kind of erotic suffocation. Not that I would know anything about that!


Pre-caffeine this morning, I found myself finally getting round to assembling the new work desk.

Thanks to the lack of space, it involved lots of zen movements to avoid having some sharp end cut open my bare thighs. It also meant moving lots of furniture yet again so files can be reached, and  I can get in the room etc.

But – yay! Success.

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