Experimenting With Art Stuff

I love experimenting with art stuff – mostly by chucking paint on paper or canvas, or using obscure tools like kebab sticks. Usually the paint chucked around is a range I haven’t taken to and don’t want to waste (though I do give things away quite frequently). Anyway, these are some experiments using up some of those ‘unwanteds’.

The multi-coloured one is still wet and unfinished – it’s using acrylic inks which I have had for ages but were beginning to pong a little. So I have thrown them onto some watercolour paper to see what it will turn into when it’s dry. Maybe not art but immensely therapeutic – if a little messy.

The little scraps of paper are also a bit of waste not want nots…  If they still work later, I can build them into repeat patterns. Or perhaps a greetings card? (Thinking aloud here, btw.)

1 July 2021 – am streamlining website and managed to delete all images so clearly none of these are on here now!

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