39bwMonday morning pondering the nature of equality. Is it like for like? Or providing counter-balance? If an asteroid hit the Earth who would be chosen to populate a new planet? How do we define ‘equality’… in human or spiritual terms? Or a cobbled version of both? And how can I get this text to sit flush with the image in Windows Live Writer?

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4 thoughts on “Equality

  1. Interesting point to ponder – I think neither like for like or counter-balance – I suppose, literally, the best word is “balanced” implying that both aspects are equal.

    Using a set of scales as the image, completely differing things can be put on each side, but a balance can be achieved if both have equal mass – similarly, using a piece of paper as the reference two completely different things can have the same size but different colours – etc etc

    The ghastly thought of imminent human extinction and the criteria for selection for a colonising spaceship fills me with images of bankers and those with a belief in their own preferential “entitlement” filling it – how I long to see them all go as they are the ones destroying this planet anyway so there then may be a better chance for the rest of us (as in Ben Eltons’ book Stark)

    Selection for a new planet? it cannot matter, we all have the same heritage, genes etc, just make sure no one gets on with a laptop or mobile phone

  2. Hi Tony 🙂

    Am guessing those of us past child-bearing age would be at the bottom of any queues unless we have skills sets of some description that are needed. Wisdom of course has a valid weight re balance.

    I doubt wealth would be a criterion as should such a massive catastrophe ever happen, then money per se would also disappear. Gold, maybe not.

    In all honesty, part of my pondering was also due to the endless flow of posts re everyone being equal and marriage… which of course has multiple underlying layers of equality or non-equality.

    No real answers as yet though my gut is being firmly opinionated ;^)

  3. Aha – here is the comment I thought vaporised

    Answers – who would be chosen depends on who does the choosing – obviously the choosers would define characteristics they considered important themselves, which implies these choosers are people who like catagorising and listing things and have a self image which is likely to be biased towards areas of activity they themselves are comfortable with – also using “logic” implanted by their own indoctrinations – I am sure the “token” artist, poet and radical thinker would be included as a “balance” but skills and academic strengths would likely be weighted for the others – childbearing would not be needed as eggs etc can be carried, only intact petri dishes and wombs would be needed for that – same for the men – I vote for hairdressers and people who do nails, massage feet and make marmalade – if a futurer ace developed from these it would be identical to what we have today, but possibly not so violent and certainy with better taste nd appearance

  4. You are assuming that the new planet will be full of mod cons to enable in vitro etc Or indeed that the conditions would be suitable for anything that fragile to survive.

    Doctors and scientists with a philosopher and mystic would be in my top ten ;^)

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