48 Hours Silent Protest

Why The Silent Protest

Antisemitism BLM And Twitter

Antisemitism is on the rise. This 48 Hour Protest is a silent one in solidarity with our Jewish brothers and sisters.

BLM, helped by many apparently well-known black slebs, has made it louder and seemingly more acceptable. Yet some well-known  – to someone – can’t say I’ve ever heard of any of them including the vile one given an MBE – blacks can say whatever garbage pops out of their heads.

They can be violent and steal, but like Muslims, have been left alone or let off. (Why?) But back to the Twitter protest.

Twitter is a strangely addictive beast. Unfortunately, it is also, predominantly, a leftist, virtue-signalling and antisemitic beast. Jack Dorsey is happy to instantly punish or permanently ban those with right-wing views but lets blacks of a grimy kind rant for days, with barely a slap on the wrist.

And bear in mind I got a 12-day suspension for quoting from a Cher film, mentioning the word ‘whore’!

Utter madness.

Anyway, this ‘48 Hours’ is a silent protest from those of us with a strong moral code and a sense of fairness. Their platform, their rules – but play fair.

First 24 Hours

Restless Start

Decided to watch Who Killed Little Gregory? late into Sunday evening and ended up watching all five episodes till past midnight. Happily, I was bathed, had meditated and was ready for sleep before 01:30…which then didn’t happen till around 5am.

Much tossing and turning, looking at socmed, trying to get eyes to focus on possibly reading, more meditating, then finally paying attention to some of the jumble of thoughts crowding my mind. when other usual methods didn’t work.


During those sleepless hours, I had very vivid memories of DW from the 70s when I was still virginal as well as a virgin.

Yes, DW is also a Virgo, but, unlike those future Virgos, he was a posh guy, lawyer – with a strange way of walking. Actually, N also walked the same way.

First penis I ever saw – and even virginal me back then could tell he was extremely well-endowed. I think it was the only time in my life I fainted!

D went to get Mari A – a schoolfriend (year older) – to come and revive me. She thought it was hilarious.

He loved my long nails and ability to glam up easily.  As was my wont, back then though, just to show I could not be controlled, I cut off my nails and refused to glam up to go to a nightclub – so we parted ways.

He did send me a Christmas card that year – with the Holy Virgin on and a cryptic message about being intacto. Hahaha! I laughed back then too but we lost contact and unlike many of my boyfriends we have not ‘found’ each other again via Facebook or LinkedIn (the usual ways they have found me).

I should add for truthfulness that I have, over the years, checked out past friends and loves. Never contact the males first though except another D – for work reasons – and we’re still in touch.

Posh v RT

Apparently, RT no longer means what it used to – or at least what I thought it meant – so have deleted a whole paragraph.  

The DW recall reminded me that I have tended to have intense affairs with men I have almost nothing in common with intellectually or spiritually. They seem to be drawn to me and I have enjoyed strong sexual adventures with them. None lasted.

Interestingly, they all talked about wanting to know more spiritually and intellectually, had massive sexual appetites but hated being thought of as sex machines. Meaning they always initiated things and liked it that way.

Of course I have dated some wonderful men who would complement me better in mind and education. Just, for some reason, there has never been a sexual spark. I seem to recall aristo women also have a similar issue & end up breeding with the proverbial gamekeeper.

The question is why so many nice, educated men do seem to have repressed sex drives.

There again, perhaps as one gets older, it would be less of an issue?

Lockdown Food And Drink

Have spent a lot of money on food and drink because of (a)home deliveries and (b)minimum basket costs and (c)ordering stuff whenever I can actually grab a spare slot. Annoying and expensive.

Also on food: I don’t normally buy much if any flour but usually have some if needed. Typically, lockdown has meant the gannets had grabbed everything so when – eventually – I spotted some brown Teff, I bought it. And horrible it is too.

Struggled to find yeast and finally got some months later so hoping using up the rest of the Teff will make it less like eating cardboard.

Also, today, for the first time since lockdown, and despite being designated a priority, I got a Tesco slot. That’s Asda today, Tesco on the 10th, Waitrose on the 18th and Sainsbury’s was last week. But all were booked weeks in advance!

More BC Changes

G & P are moving today. She cannot cope with the stairs, so they are moving to a flat. While I have forgiven P for his appalling behaviour with the Polish woman (contributing to 2 years’ super-stress for me), it is a muted forgiveness as he has never apologised. They will now not be missed by me despite us still exchanging Christmas cards (20 years’ worth).

Oddly, V did not even know they were moving – and they had her spare key as well. Ditto B seems not to have known. Sad really, as for the first decade, at least, we were in each others’ homes and regularly chatted. They, like B, used to invite people in for drinks. No longer any of that, even pre-lockdown.

Food Again

One mug of coffee and no food eaten till way past 3pm – and despite being up way too early and only with less than 4 hours’ sleep.

Teff loaf made … and binned. Had one small taste. Yuk. Earthy, crumbly. And have been sneezing too so something in it (probably the yeast) is setting off histamine levels.

Would have left it for the birds, but it’s pouring with rain and they are incredibly fussy.

Peeking In To SocMed

And blood pressure rising re masks and migrants. One in five Muslims deigns to work, preferring to sponge off taxpayers – yet still Islamic immigration is on the rise, along with birth rates. I will not readily accept living in an Islamic culture not now or ever. But we are definitely in trouble – 1750 mosques in Britain and more appearing.

Meanwhile there are clauses in Govt documents about ‘how face coverings could be encouraged as a social norm’. For that, I am loathe to wear one at all, ever.


Watched an animated race through the Mahabharata on Amazon Prime – and there’s no way I’d ever remember the massive cast of characters. Perhaps the ones I thought were treated unjustly of which there were a few.

Struggled to see any real spiritual references though and the aliens’ bit may have been lightly touched on in series 5. May have to read it. Or not.

Did find commentary referring to Tamils (as my Ma was) and the Quran to the Kauravas. Not sure I’d fully agree though all spiritual texts are linked in some way.

And early-ish to bed.

Day Two

Slept very well, Deo Gratias! It was pouring with rain when G and P left but the new neighbours in the close have a sunny start to welcome them in.

More Wise El Catching Up

Doing reference sketching or Wise El drawings downstairs, as opposed to my upstairs workroom for the proper drawings and paintings, makes me feel  at least as if there is a difference to work flow. Plus I usually have TV catchup on for background noise rather than my normal MO of silence. Nothing too interesting or I’d never get anything done.

Today’s background noise is Endeavour – and I’d forgotten how many adverts there are from the main channels, having been spoiled by ad-free Netflix and Prime.

Buying Chinese

I did, I do and probably still will. The rash creams work and some of the clothing is interesting and cheap even if you do have to buy several sizes larger thanks to them being so teeny tiny. That said, I think they may be getting the hang of Western women’s bodies as the last item I bought is massive. Like wearing a blanket with sleeves and a zip. Point of this being, I have just ordered a burgundy fleece cardi for more comfy home wear – which, given masks, social distancing, the new Stasi ‘norm’, I will be spending even MORE time in.

Health And Signs Of Ageing

Standing on one leg has always been a challenge for me, so the age reference is relatively meaningless. However, I have been testing my balance (which tends to go as we age) with how I pull on knickers and skinny jeans (which are bad enough to get off let alone put on thanks to the tiny ankle openings).

S told me she won’t buy them as she couldn’t get them off her feet in a changing room and almost burst into tears with the struggle. It’s true. You cannot take them off the normal way of removing trousers or jeans, I have found. It’s easier to roll them off inside out, using your feet for leverage.

When I broke my wrist, the nurse wanted to help me get them off and I said I could manage – and showed her, to much praise. Apparently, she too couldn’t wear them because the removal was such a PITA. Or to be more precise, feet.

Anyway, I’m not at The Crane level but haven’t fallen over yet. I just try to do it mindfully to avoid wobbling.

Meanwhile the neck moles and marks are (I hope) going. I used to have a beautiful neck, so this bothers me a lot. I gather, these too, are all Signs Of Ageing. <gloom>

Age of Aquarius

As an Aquarian, I used to be interested in the ‘Age’ happening. Then got bored with it all. FM, an FBF, posted yesterday that it had now started, so I had a detour from Wise El cartoon drawings. Some links I would normally tweet.

And this one which indicates no-one really knows but still some intriguing stuff.

Loyalty Quandary

Normally, my first reaction would be loyalty to a relative or friend first, but I have recently had letters/emails from ex partners either wanting help or just needing to offload. For each, it is a question of being there for them without cutting off friends or relatives. Sadly, both relatives and long-term friends have often behaved shoddily to me.

End Notes

Feeling somewhat deflated at long-term friendship not being what it seemed. Going to finish watching more Endeavour and shorten sleeves of that blankety zip Chinese cardi mentioned above.

PS: I started my protest at past midnight so plan to upload this post at past midnight.

Image In This Post

Photo is of the faces I am painting. Imaginary ones with some reference photos for expressions or shapes.

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Prescriptive Walk Wednesday Thoughts

Wise El alphabet

Unusually, I slept very badly, not helped by having to get up early to pick up a prescription. But I was up and out by 09:30 and, despite the drizzle and the car needing a long run, I decided to walk. It’s been over a fortnight since I was last out and I have been getting a touch of cabin fever.

There was some stress at the thought of going into the chemist and being asked for my life history or whatever, but it was surprisingly quick and painless. In and out in minutes.

Popped into Sainsbury’s as walking to Rustington High Street in the drizzle was a madness too much. I definitely love the distances in supermarket queues – no trollies shoved into the backs of my legs by impatient shoppers, but yappers still hogged aisles yapping away.

There were half a handful of people wearing masks and gloves – so neurotic they even avoided glancing at anyone as if just making eye contact would make them instantly collapse with Covid.

Popped into The Lamb on my way back – not actually sure of the time – and the guy sitting on his own missed my joke (would I have to give a pint of blood and my inside leg measurement to come inside). No. And they have no app or anything apart from pre-booking for dinner.

Not yet open, so headed home.

I felt I had been out much longer, but it was less than two hours walking the 2 miles there, waiting and shopping and waiting again – then walking back. Not bad.

On the other hand, it is very gloomy out. Overcast and not cheery at all.

Getting a bit harsh with not accepting FBFs. No more ego-propping. Paradoxically, have been unfriended by some with massive egos who presumably did not get enough or any attention. Social media continues to be a very superficial level of friendship – which is fine, as long as I don’t forget that.

Meanwhile blabbermouth liberals are at last discovering that they too can be ‘cancelled’ for voicing opinions that other lefties do not like. Such a bunch of loathsome warts.

And, in other news, this is now the 3rd or 4th time a black female Twit has referred to me as ‘Karen’. Am guessing it is not going to just refer to ‘white women’ in this catchment but anyone who doesn’t sing from the BLM hymn book.

Watched The Alcasser Murders the other day and was reminded of the mad things I have done – like getting into a car with several men in the early hours after I had left a party and was walking back alone to my then residence in central London. They did say to me do you feel like being raped. And I replied ‘Not today, thanks’.

They then dropped me off outside the students’ rooms wishing me well.

Darker thoughts about global resets, racial divides, communism and Islam will have to wait for when I am less tired.

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Thinking Aloud Twitter Parler Free Speech

lightboxing A3 Wise El characters

It’s been less than a day and I clearly used Twitter a LOT to microblog and sometimes to offload. So much easier than writing a blog post and finding or drawing an image to use.

(That photo is of my large #lightbox for A3 compilations – though most are A4 – which I am currently working on. Saves massive amounts of time not having to re-draw everything.)

But, back to thinking aloud.

Away from Twitter, I feel much more inner stillness. Being so busy reading, tweeting and so on, it’s been easy to forget my very great soul loneliness. Hence the last post mentioning the Outsider. Quite possible that I am also not sending out signals as I currently feel very invisible. This is neither good nor bad. Just an observation.

Twitter v Parler

Have peeked in a couple of times and it’s still a feeding frenzy. Same culprits – the race baiters, Scots – seems like Scottish people use Twitter a lot, both for and against Independence or the EU. Also just an observation, but Scots tend to be more politically engaged that your average English or Welsh person.

Same whiners – that Muslim Scot (name escapes me) regularly moaning about those on the right, whites, Brits, anyone who is not SNP, all Brexiters and so on – plus a new Muslim moaner from Leicester.

Leicester is back on lockdown but, as usual, it is everyone else’s fault because Leicester Muslims do not speak English and central Government should have translated everything just for them.

How many months have we been in lockdown? Why haven’t their own community ‘leaders’ advised them? How do they vote if they cannot understand English? Why can they not speak English after decades in this country? How do they collect benefits and/or attend job centres?

Same old nonsense, over and over. When are things ever going to change?

Parler fills the void for commenting on political issues but, because of the UI and compacted conversations, there is none of the clamour and thunder to be found on Twitter. It’s probably there but, so far, quite mild compared to Twitter. There is less engagement or less perceived engagement.

I can understand why those with big followings, where every comment gets a response, are loathe to leave Twitter. I don’t much mind ‘parleying’ into the void, but I guess if some thrive on bouncing comments across the platform, it would be a big come-down.

Sad But Sigh Of Relief

Last night, I heard a FB friend since 2013 had died on May 14th – ‘suddenly and unexpectedly’. His relatives only got round to sharing the sad news yesterday evening. He developed sepsis after getting a small bite.

Just over a week ago, I too was bitten four times on my left upper arm while doing a massive amount of tree pruning. Clearly miffed some bellicose insects on the branches.

And the bites were very painful indeed.

A sibling warned me of how some bites could lead to death. I had been concerned before hearing that warning. James Delingpole got Lyme Disease from a tick bite. Have also read of others dying quite suddenly via a Grim Reaper of an insect – but, thanks to a highly potent home-made fungal killer, I seem to have been spared.

RIP David A

Free Speech And Free Speech Baiters

This morning I cancelled my sub to the #FreeSpeechUnion. It was (relatively) too expensive on the one hand but also because I believe in *responsible* free speech.

It is clear that the concept of totally free speech is a recipe for endless discord. Take the truly abysmal Ash Sarkar or Katie Hopkins or Priyamvada Gopal. All spout ‘freely’ without any qualifying or balancing comments.

(Aside: I typed ‘vomments’ instead of ‘comments’. Probably the right new word first time round!)

Interestingly, Tommy Robinson is on Parler and – so far – has been very careful with his use of language. Or at least those posts that have been ‘echoed’ into my feed.

That said, John Matze has ‘parleyed’ this morning some rules for his site: no porn, no ‘faecal matter’ photos by way of response, no obscene user names, no replying with ‘f you’, no threatening to kill anyone. Seems fair to me.

Yet MSMers (barely journalists these days) are churning out articles calling it a ‘cesspit’, so Parler must be making a good old dent in socmedland.

Odder still is how Twitter – which I used to love – is turning into a cesspit with Twitter’s peculiar mixed signals. Katie H and TR for example are banned but the truly appalling Ash Sarkar is not. Neither are a bunch of other race baiters – of the non-white kind.  Anyone would think Jack Dorsey *wants* to foment racial discord.

Free Speech Constraints

My starting position is the same as it is for any minority rights – give an inch. I do want to expound on this but my current constraint is having accepting an FBF from a man transitioning.

No way would I want to hurt anyone deliberately. And while my inner warrior bursts out at men in dresses, I do also understand how the more vulnerable would not like that expression.

However, women cannot be erased because of the emotional concerns of those who feel different inside.

Plus there is also the metaphysical aspect – which needs an entire post on its own.

Black Lives Matter

This is also a continuing issue which will eventually getting a lengthier post but, for now, the VSBS seem to be backpedalling rapidly as – for some strange reason – none seem to have read the aims of the BLM (or Extinction Rebellion)….till now.

Been there in ‘black and white’ for weeks.

Are these Morgans, Linekers, Starmers and more halfwits really that stupid?








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