Is Starkey Racist?

In all honesty, I have no idea.

Based on the Grimes’ and other interviews, I would say he was not. What is in no doubt is that Dr David Starkey is short-tempered and seems inclined to be fierce with some who get their facts wrong. That he now has been careless with his own words should give him pause for thought.

But was he wrong?

Genocide and the slave trade would appear to be an oxymoron as money was paid for these poor souls. Meaning the buyer would want to get his or her money’s worth. Foul trade with millions dying, but – to me – not actual genocide in its given definition.

That interview had appalling acoustics and I turned it off the first time as it was difficult to hear him (not Grimes, whose sound recording was clear). Even on the second go, I missed the bit about ‘damn Blacks’.

Starkey, to me, sounded like he had enough of the seemingly endless nonsense from those Marxist BLMs trying to wipe out our cultural history.

I was and still am extremely angry about the destruction of this country’s history, warts and all so it is unsurprising really, for someone whose life’s work has been studying the history of this country.

Everyone whatever their race or ‘colour’ has moments of frustration and anger hitting out rashly, even without justification. I believe Starkey had some justification though in no way do I condone his words.

However, the same slapping down must also apply to the many – and I mean many – obnoxious (mostly women) from Black, Asian and Middle East backgrounds who continue to make appallingly racist remarks and are lauded and praised – by the very white people they are slagging off!

They get yet more paying gigs to spout yet more of their racist bile. Where is the fairness in that?

To repeat, every single person has at some time or another made eye-widening comments – including me – and also the people reading this as well. Not one person is immune from thinking or actually saying something that goes beyond the pale. (I bet that’s a racist term now!)

Context is everything – unless someone has a history of being troublesome, argumentative and just plain nasty. And I know of few of those who are usually the first ones to throw stones.

Weird Stuff

Unusual Erogenous Zone

Something most unusual has been happening while trying to remove the black rash on my neck. Soap and water don’t (Argh! Only noticed typo several hours later!!!) work so I’ve been scrubbing with rubbing alcohol and/or salicylic acid. They do work but it’s a very slow process. Apparently it could be some kind of yeast infection.

And this is the odd thing.

Rubbing away at it triggers some kind of sexual or sensual response – during the evening ablutions as well as morning and midday ones. (No one could accuse me of not keeping clean even if the splodges look anything but!)

Actually, they have reduced considerably and now look like someone has tried to garrotte me several times and failed – leaving strange wheals.

Anyway, last night, I amused myself thinking perhaps in a previous incarnation I had died from some kind of erotic suffocation. Not that I would know anything about that!


Pre-caffeine this morning, I found myself finally getting round to assembling the new work desk.

Thanks to the lack of space, it involved lots of zen movements to avoid having some sharp end cut open my bare thighs. It also meant moving lots of furniture yet again so files can be reached, and  I can get in the room etc.

But – yay! Success.

Wimping Out

Desk Parts

I have now been looking at these parts for over a week. Firstly downstairs. Now upstairs in my workroom.

It actually looks quite straightforward – unlike some of the items I have put together in the past – the worst being the inversion chair. I just didn’t have either enough hands nor brute force so had to ask M (a neighbour) to come and help.

Desk Parts

Desk Parts

I think my reluctance to get on with it is down to there being no room to swing a cat in my workroom – or anywhere else come to that. At least flat on the floor it is not going to impede movement …..that much.

Tx Comments

Wimping out #2 is deleting a comment from March that was ‘liked’ today on an article written by my Tx FBF. It was actually quite a harmless comment – and based purely on that piece – that the author seemed to hate men.

Of course, I haven’t permanently turned into a wimp. I just need to find the right words.

Being at one with an individual at soul level – at differing frequencies! – doesn’t mean I think they are right or are immune to criticism.

Wise El on God – new version

Finally picked up again from at least 3 months ago. Not going to rush it as that’s what I did last time and I want to do better drawings this time.


On the plus side, the rashes are going. Praise be! Still waiting to hear back from GP re prescription. I haven’t tried ringing as there have been no emails saying the surgery was open again. Tried eConsult but that really is for working out a problem rather than renewing a prescription.

I can understand why people get embarrassed by various health conditions. The black mark on one side of my neck appeared from nowhere a year or more ago. I did mention it to the GP when I registered but anything dermatological – unless you are horrendously blemished – is generally not taken that seriously. And I didn’t make an issue of it.

No-one wants to be thought ‘dirty’, so it is a continuing annoyance often made worse by harsh treatment. Big sigh.

On the plus side, googling similar conditions show it does go. Eventually.

Darling Ma

Ma would have been 100 today.

She always wanted to live to be 100 to get a telegram from the Queen.