I draw and paint as a form of spiritual discipline and therefore a communion with the divine. My mystical art expresses my personal experiences and consciousness of the bigger spiritual picture including communion with God – the ultimate Source.

More earthbound fans see my fine art as more abstract or semi-realistic.

The cartoons speak for themselves.
Oil Painting by EuphroseneThere are several recurring motifs in my art: circles, fish, dancers, space, butterflies, cats and jigsaw puzzle pieces. They symbolise energy and connectedness in various forms.

Currently, I am working on various pieces at the moment, including Symbol Art, flower profiles, ACEOs and more in the Mystical Art Space category. Mystical Art is used for meditation. It is believed that such power artworks build up energetic significance and potency over time.

Latest Art News from Euphrosene

  • An Introduction to Wise El The Wise El series is quirky rather than idiosyncratic, relying on El’s expressions and actions in contrast to the words and challenging ideas. It should appeal to a wide audience, from those who love its freshness and clean lines, to the more intellectually and/or spiritually-inclined, including those of traditional faiths, as well as those who ...