Covid Observations to 28042020

  1. 44,000 people have recovered from it including a 103 year old Chinese woman.
  2. BAME large %age affected
  3. Behavioural scientists out in force
  4. Bill Gates everywhere pushing vaccines & treated as an epidemiological expert!
  5. Bloody awful journo questioning inc Morgan, Rigby, Peston
  6. BOILER NEEDS SERVICING not an essential unless it has broken down
  7. Boris Johnson hospitalised – more CTs
  8. Businesses to close “due to the threat to public health”
  9. Exercise is like an obstacle course trying to avoid people out & about
  10. Conspiracy Theories aplenty
  11. COVID19 has no specific set of symptoms that are unique to it.
  12. Death is a natural process and should be treated as such not feared
  13. Doctors can diagnose most cases as COVID19 despite other health issues
  14. Eggs – my daily diet suffering as people are making cakes!
  15. Eggs – found farm shop and can now buy eggs again
  16. Eggs and wine aplenty!
  17. Global panic unprecedented – someone is making a killing
  18. Herd immunity
  19. Hoarders’ choices: Loo roll, flour, pasta, eggs – all difficult to buy + sanitisers
  20. Hoarders’ waste: photos of food being dumped uneaten
  21. Immune compromised as well as stressed
  22. HP2020 Regs (Coronavirus, Business Closures): to contravene = an offence.
  23. In Italy the average age of those dying is 70-80.
  24. People Horrors: the inner Stasi of many is being revealed
  25. People Horrors: hoarders
  26. People Horrors: ignoring the law ignoring courteous behaviour
  27. Illegals: they seem to have a free pass inc free Border Farce help
  28. Islam: like BAME also affected most
  29. Italian leather China connection – specifically Wuhan
  30. Italy – many elderly
  31. Lockdown in UK
  32. Lockdown is going to tank the economy and kill more people
  33. NHS Clapathon: Ugh! Every Thursday evening.
  34. NHS workers finding time to dance and prance around AND wear PPE
  35. Obesity
  36. Over by June – enough time for new behavioural habits to take over
  37. People should not travel to work unless it was absolutely necessary.
  38. PHE and Procurement being let off despite it being their responsibility
  39. PPE now latest stick to beat Govt with despite waste
  40. Project Fear yet again
  41. Sadiq Khan contributing to problems in London with tubes
  42. Smokers – mixed reports – Italians dying were heavy smokers?
  43. Social distancing – new buzzword
  44. SocMed manic but many normally on have gone quiet
  45. Supermarket deliveries N/A despite being on priority list
  46. COronaVIDisease19) has now reached more than 45 countries in Europe
  47. The COVID19 virus has still apparently not been isolated.
  48. Turning the NHS into a enforced deity
  49. Vitamin D see BAME
  50. Wuhan – incubator or start of
  51. Wuhan direct flights to Italian area with high CVD19
  52. Wuhan/Wenzhou Chinese c 100,000 moved to Italy to work in these factories


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