Words Ideas And Images To Make You Think

Euphrosene Labon Artist - Specialist Writer - AuthorI am an artist-writer and author. My business is Euphrosene Labon Art And Books. I specialise in all mind body spirit and mystical themes in my art and writings.

My books are more pragmatic. They are educational, designed to make life and learning easy. The self-help topics include time management, self-coaching, self-publishing, abundance and sales—complete courses in handy pocket guides.

Profit From Unlimited Thinking is a five-part course in creative thinking and managing change for self-paced learning. An e-course of Profit From Unlimited Thinking is now available on Udemy.

Some say art should not need explaining. Others like to get inside the mind of the artist. For the latter, my contemporary spiritual art is a form of spiritual discipline, a communion between me and what and who I believe in.

Continuing the theme of Words Ideas And Images To Make You Think, all I paint and draw represent a range of mystical as well as metaphysical concepts.

The cartoon art is a more accessible and often humorous way of expressing some of those ideas. It is available in a range of merchandise. A range of collectible cartoons, based on the little books, is currently being created and produced, as are short videos on my Euphrosene Labon Wise El YouTube Channel.

First off the press: 30 Tips For Surviving Recessions Depressions And Downturns.

Followed by Wise El on Life.

And Wise El’s Big Thoughts —currently an e-book of cartoons that illustrate mystical and metaphysical thoughts that are both serious and quietly humorous. They will also be available in a range of merchandise including gift books. Wise El on God is now available as an ebook – and here too. (print book in process).

Delusions of Divinity? is my blog-style column. I firmly subscribe to the view that every individual can make a difference; that we should stand up and be counted, and my posts frequently reflect strong opinions, as well as being an account of my spiritual journey.

I have been involved in personal development since 1989. I am trained in hypnotherapy, NLP, career guidance and counselling, and am a lifelong student of pragmatic metaphysics. My articles have appeared in trade and consumer publications, in print and on the web. Previously, I spent over 25 successful years in IT sales and business development.

As well as selling my original art and books, I am available for art commissions, and am a cartoonist, freelance writer and copywriter. I am based in Angmering in West Sussex.

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